• Project Management
  • Grant and Proposal Writing
  • Data collection and analysis/evaluation
  • Program assessment and planning facilitation
  • Professional Speaker

The rural and small town life is essential to the building and sustainability of our United States.  The support and encouragement one only finds in the country living is precious.  However, often we find ourselves without enough help to accomplish our goals.  Rural resources can be scarce in expertise, money and time.  Working with a consultant who understands both the limitations and resources available to rural communities and business may be what is needed.

Howe Enterprises is your option when you need someone that understands “what you are about”.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed with today’s changes in this fast-paced world.  Help is available through Howe Enterprises in data collection/analysis, project planning, management and evaluation.  The change process can be difficult, yet help is available to assist with the transition for your business, your community or yourself.

Howe Enterprises is a consulting firm that believes in community not only as a place, but a way to work and support others as they strive to achieve their goals.  A business belief in quality service, product and the value of  personal integrity is underlying their mission.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you to make your plans a reality.

Melana Howe